ONEW’s UFO Replies

16 Aug
Can I ask what you’re thinking about?? TT Isn’t hard, isn’t it?? Wow.. Anyway, it’s my first time leaving a message, so my hands are trembling. TT

You’ve aged a lot~ Don’t let your hands tremble and go to sleep quickly~~

Hmph… Since Jinki said to hold on, I’ll hold on for hundreds and thousands of years TTTT But I miss you~ Hehe, what are you doing right now?

No, just hold on for a few months~

Jinki~ What are you doing now and not sleeping? I was so surprised that my heart almost dropped.

Hold onto it so it doesn’t drop~

Oppa!! Can’t you slightly! whisper to me a hint about your concept this time~~~

If I say “SHINee”, I just gave it all away

Jinki, keke, do you want to eat? It’s not that noona will buy it for you, keke. I want you to buy it for me, keke, that’s right. Keke, call me~ Keke, I’ll go, keke.

No… It’s okay… Go to sleep quickly~~~ You must be tired~

Source:UFO TOWN, Shakizi
Translation:kimchi hana @

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hahaha, funny onew ^-^

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