SHINee @ The Muzit [Chi subbed + English Translation]

17 Aug


[I’ll skip to the part when SHINee appears]

SHINee members: Hello.

Onew: Start?

*SHINee sings replay*

Onew: Even though this isn’t our first time working with live band, but it is so special this time is because of the Band 55 brothers! Let’s applause! Really gladful. Now, we would like to sing our 2nd song.

Taemin: yes.

Onew: It is from our 2nd Album, song titled Wowowow. This song allows other to feel cheerful/joyful. Everyone, let’s move along with this song! Let’s start?

Taemin: Alright, Cue.

*SHINee sings Wowowow*

K.Will: Let’s welcome SHINee!

SHINee: Hello Everyone, we’re the shining SHINee!

The other guy (don’t know his name, sorry): oh, you guys actually said the greetings. Isn’t there supposed to be 5 members?

SHINee: yes, yes.

The other guy: Then where is the other?

Key: Minho really wants to come. But because he is injured and had no choice.

K.Will: It’s a rare chance for our Band members (Band 55) to perform with SHINee, so how do you guys feel while preparing for it?

Jonghyun: It is really meaningful. Because we seldom have chance like this to perform/practice with a live band so we made use of this chance. We actually had chat a lot. We feel like we’re working with a Live Music and is really happy.

The other guy: I heard that Jonghyun was from a band?

Jonghyun: Yes, I’m a bassist.

The other guy: Then play for us?

Jonghyun: Oh no!! I can’t play. Because that was 4 years ago and had forgotten how to play a bass.

The other guy: Then maybe it would spoil your image.

K.Will: SHINee always perform their song with singing and dancing. If there’s any song that you guys would like to challenge, what will be the style of the song?

Onew: I had always wanted to challenge songs from drama. There’s a singer named Paul Potts.

The other guy: Turandot.

Onew: yes yes, the guy who sang Turandot’s OST. It has lots of feelings in it. I got to try it some other time.

K.Will: What about Taemin-gun?

Taemin: If there’s chance, i would like to learn more about Piano, The New Age Music.

The Other guy: oh come Taemin, Play for us! Over there, for you to practice.

Taemin: Oh, Thank you.

*Taemin plays the piano*

The Other guy to another guy: So how is it? Use professional standard to critique.

Another guy: What makes me surprise is, Taemin had controlled the pedaling well.

The Other guy: When did you start playing the piano?

Taemin: The first time i played the piano was when i just entered elementary school. At that time, I learned for awhile and then i stopped learning, learned for awhile then stopped again. And then when i proceed to middle school, I learn piano once again. Until i debut,i stopped learning.

The Other guy: You look really handsome when you plays the piano.

Taemin: Thank you!

The Other guy: Piano has always been for those who are not as good-looking as other.

K.Will: So your training must be hard.

The Other guy: oh yes, i practiced a lot (to look as handsome as taemin? haha)

K.Will: So what is Jonghyun’s music style?

The Other guy: he’s a bassist.

Jonghyun: yes, that’s why i wanted to sing Rock songs.

The Other guy: Is your own voice suitable for Rock songs? (i think that’s what they trying to say, not very sure)

Jonghyun: High vocals/pitch probably can.

K.Will: Lastly, what about Key?

Key: Mine can’t be counted as a style. They’re songs that are Fresh, and that people will rock with it. There’s no particular style of it. An example will be Black Eye Peas’s Boom Boom Pow.

The Other guy: Your hairstyle is also Fresh, and is something that people had never see before.

K.Will: Seems like Key is very greedy towards stylish things.

Key: I like unique style.

K.Will: This time round’s hairstyle is really unique.

Key: During the preparations, i had never thought that this hairstyle will be a record. i was even wondering if this hairstyle is too exaggerating.

Onew: To that standard.

The Other guy: I am very curious about something… You will be able to see the ability and skills of a performer, be it a Pianist or a singer. But not for dance… So how did i do?

Onew: Then like that, you can stand in the front now for a short dance.

The Other guy: ah, nono… Let’s see how K.Will did!

K.Will: Both of us do not have dancing skills. When others see, they will surely know that we had never dance before!

K.Will: All members like to sing right? It goes as smooth as a flowing river. So who wants to sing first?

Onew: Since we love to sing, it also means that we had sang a lot of songs. Recently, the song that I sang the most was during Musical(Brothers were Brave). I have prepared a little.

The Other guy: Are you able to sing without any accompaniment?

Onew: To be here, it is to sing without accompaniment, Live. This is a surprise start.

*and he sang it immediately*

Onew: yea, like this.

The Other guy: So it’s like a student?

Onew: Yes, it’s a role of a student, involved in cheating.

K.Will: That reminds me of the times, where our exam just ended.

Taemin: For me, recently i keep listening to Soul Star’s Only one for me.
[Translations may be inaccurate]

K.Will: That reminds me of the times, where our exam just ended.

Taemin: For me, recently i keep listening to Soul Star’s Only one for me.

K.Will: Oh, Soul Star’s Song.

*taemin sings “so”

Taemin: Oh, sorry about that

The Other guy: Again.

*Taemin sings Soul Star’s Only one for me*

Everyone: Wow Wow!

The Other guy: Not bad not bad.

Jonghyun: His vocal is really beautiful.

K.Will: His vocal is really beautiful!

Taemin: Thank you!

The Other guy: Taemin ah, next time do play the piano while you sing.

Taemin: Ah, I got it.

Jonghyun: There’s one song by Dynamic Duo, titled Be My Brownie.

Onew: Oh, it’s a well-known song.

*Jonghyun sings Dynamic Duo’s Be My Brownie*

Crowd: ohh, good, it’s good!

The Other guy: It is really nice.

Jonghyun: Thank You.

Onew: Sing it with heart from now on.

The Other guy: Your hairstyle and the song doesn’t match! Isn’t not using your real vocal kind of creepy?

Jonghyun: I love unique vocals.

The Other guy: Oh, a feel of it.

K.Will: I also use my “fake”(not real vocal) voice to sing!

Jonghyun: I like! I really like K.Will Senior. There’s a song that i practiced a lot, titled (not sure of the english title) A.

Key: Jonghyun hyung really has the ability to imitate singers.

Jonghyun: Oh, can K.Will show abit? And do sing a part where i am able to imitate. Adding some expressions to it.

*K.Will sings*

Jonghyun: Okay, then i’ll imitate the last part. And take note of my expression!

*Jonghyun sings with expression*

Jonghyun: Opps, sorry, i’m not familiar with the lyrics.

*Jonghyun tries again*

K.Will: Stop imitating, stop imitating!

*Jonghyun tries again*

K.Will: Stop imitating!!

*K.Will sings SHINee’s Replay – to imitate Jonghyun*

*Jonghyun tries again*

*K.Will continues to imitate Jonghyun*

K.Will: Last but not least, Key!

Key: Yea, just now i mentioned Black Eye Pea’s Boom Boom Pow.

*Key sings Black Eye Pea’s Boom Boom Pow*

Jonghyun: Are we supposed to dance with it? haha

K.Will: wow, it’s really powerful. Even the dance steps! and, All of your songs are related to Love! Anything else that SHINee has prepared for The Muzit?

Onew: yes, we made use of 3 pop songs combined into 1 melodic song.

The Other guy: Recently, youngsters nowadays don’t really listen to pop songs.

Onew: oh, is it?

The Other guy: During my time, the trend is not about pop songs. (not really sure with this part)

Key: in the past… and now…

The Other guy: What’s with the “in the past and .. now”?

K.Will: Key’s fingers are really active/hyper. In the past… Now… (imitates Key’s hand action)

Jonghyun: Dancers usually have active fingers.

The Other guy: Ahh… the seniors are worried now!

Key: After mixing lots of songs, the least difference between the past and now will be the melody.

K.Will: ah, looking forward to it!

*SHINee sings Jason Mraz I’m Yours, Puff Daddy I’ll be Missing You, LMNT Juliette*

Onew: Firstly, let’s give the audience a joyful moment, by singing our song.

Taemin: Yes.

Onew: And what type is the song?

Key: This song is from our 2nd Album, it’s a very calm song titled Quasimodo.

Onew: Let’s Start!

*SHINee sings Quasimodo*

[Translations may be inaccurate]

The Other guy: Just now when i listen to you guys sing, and Jonghyun said that he could do Rock Vocal using high pitches. His high pitches are really awesome!

Jonghyun: Thank you!

The Other guy: I was shocked.

Jonghyun: Thank you…

Onew: It will melt(i think?) your heart.

The Other guy: Oh yea, his vocal is really good.

Jonghyun: Thank you.

The Other guy: So have you written any lyrics?

Jonghyun: Oh, I have written Juliette, previous album’s hit song. And current 2nd Album’s song titled Obsession.

The Other guy: Obsession?

Jonghyun: yup.

The Other guy: It’s tough to write that song!

Jonghyun: And also written a part of the song titled  “Up and Down”.

The Other guy: Onew also…

Onew: I also love to write lyrics a lot. I have submitted a few of it but have to choose one.

K.Will: It is hard to even choose one.

Onew: haha, yah.

K.Will: How many have you wrote?

Onew: For the time being, my “collection” of lyrics is still not that bad.

The Other guy: Oh, how many of them have you failed and succeeded?

Onew: I had wrote 8, succeeded 1 and failed the other 7.

K.Will: oh, looks like writing lyrics is really tough.

Onew: yup.

K.Will: For me, i had written 105 but only succeeded in 3. Hahaha. SHINee members really are passionate about writing lyrics. So how did the writing of lyrics go at The Muzit today?

Jonghyun: Good.

The Other guy: It’s related to me!

K.Will: Do you have to be like this?


K.Will: If that’s the case, then what is the story of the lyric?

Jonghyun: I have prepared a little. The Charming SHINee…

K.Will: What SHINee?

Jonghyun: Charming SHINee. It’s the script that says! It isn’t decided ourselves.

K.Will: The topic is not decided by you guys?

Onew and Jonghyun: no, no…

The Other guy: The Charming SHINee.

K.Will: Just a glance through it, it seems like it is all of your true feelings and thoughts. Please bring on the emotional song!

Onew: The Charming: SHINee, Lyricist: SHINee, There’s nothing we’re lack of: SHINee, but there are lots of things we don’t know yet too. For example, lip sync, variety sense is zero. Except for Onew (Onew glance at other members and asked “what is it?”) We write lyrics, we make good harmony, we look good in skinnies too, except Onew. *smiles* Father, you let me see the light of the world. You thought me how to love, I love you. Onew indeed…

K.Will: Oh, so this is what SHINee had wrote for “Charming SHINee”. The last sentence is …

Onew: haha, i wrote it!

K.Will: Oh, this part is Onew’s.

Onew: yup.

K.Will: Then what about the previous parts?

Jonghyun: Oh, i penned down the first sentence.

K.Will: oh, “there’s nothing we’re lack of: SHINee”.

Jonghyun: Except Onew.

K.Will: Except Onew *laughs*

The Other guy: Except Onew…

K.Will: Looking at the 2nd sentence, it  says “We write lyrics, we make good harmony, we look good in skinnies too, except Onew.”

The Other guy: why? why?

Taemin: Except Onew…

K.Will: which part doesn’t suit him? Skinnies does fit him!

Jonghyun: Does it?

Key: It’s part of the song’s Rhythm.

Jonghyun: It is a hook (hook = grabs attention), to make the song more interesting.

Onew: To make it interesting…

K.Will: Except for Onew, the Charming SHINee. Let’s listen to it, together with the Band!

Onew: Let’s sing the song Live! (Onew mean SHINee created the song melody too)

K.Will: Really anticipating! It’s indeed a Charming SHINee!

The Other guy: You guys are already a lyricist. Now, even doing melody for the song!

Jonghyun: Let’s listen to it!

*SHINee sings* [Listen here with Eng Sub]

K.Will: Indeed, a really Charming SHINee!

Onew: When we rehearse for it just now, it’s really not bad. But now, our vocals/melody aren’t coming out.

K.Will: Oh really? I think it will become a popular song! It will be fan’s all-time favourite song.

Key: For this song, i am really curious about the part where Onew hyung wrote. Why write about Dad all of a sudden?

Onew: Oh, because today is my Dad’s birthday!

Crowd: Oh….~

K.Will: Really? Today?

Onew: yea.

K.Will: Even though it is surprising, but what’s so meaningful to me is, today is my Dad’s birthday too!

Key: Really?!

K.Will: Dad, I Love you.

Onew: It isn’t really written because of my Dad’s birthday but it’s because, we have to thank our parents for bringing us into this world with a Charming SHINee.

Key: Say something to your dad.

Jonghyun: A Video Message.

Key: Together with the Piano!

Jonghyun: Have a sad one.

K.Will: Let’s go with a Question and Answer style. (K.Will saying to Onew’s dad) Dad, after having so many adorable child, bringing us up and allow others to be happy, a thankful singer. Let me be in the place of fans, thanking you. He will be by your side, taking care of you. I want to tell dad, I Love You. I’ll help Onew say, I love you. Now, tell my dad something too!

Onew: I am really thankful to have me in this world, really really respecting K.Will senior. (Say real name!) I had became a singer is also because of K.Will Senior. I sing a lot of songs sang by K.Will during my practices. I will also urge him to guide me along near future. I will become a hardworking-charming singer from SHINee. K.Will also wants to say to dad that he loves you. Tell him straight then…

K.Will: Dad, I Love You.

Key: wow, it’s so fresh.

Jonghyun: Really not bad. It is really heartwarming.

K.Will: Having a heartwarming atmosphere isn’t really matching with The Muzit’s. Bringing pass this, what’s left behind now is SHINee’s powerful choreography! Its 2nd Album is out but I have yet to see it! 2nd Album’s hit song is Lucifer, right?

SHINee: yea.

K.Will: In Lucifer, it does include easy dance steps for people to remember.  From the song “Replay”, you guys have lots of songs. We would like to see a few of the dance steps. Able to perform for us?

SHINee: yes, sure.

The Other guy: I feel like I won’t be able to dance it.

*SHINee dances to “Love like Oxygen”, “Juliette”, and “Ring Ding Dong”*

Onew: We have shown everyone our dances. We also have really simple dance moves, RDD Choreography. I feel like MCs should dance to it too! It’ll be really meaningful.

K.Will: oh, i am the main MC. So i should stay put. As for the guy sitting down there right infront of a Piano… ~

The Other guy: Main MC should go first! If the sub-MC gets injured, you will have to take responsibility.

Onew: Do follow us with the song Lucifer!

K.Will: Lucifer?

Taemin: Lucifer is very easy.

K.Will: I had never seen Lucifer’s Choreography before! I’ll see then i make a decision. SHINee’s choreography is really hard. So i actually had a fun time yet hard times with SHINee today. It’s time to say goodbye to SHINee.

The Other guy: I really want to meet up with you guys frequently.

K.Will: yea… coming to Muzit, say something to the audience.

Onew: SHINee had released our 2nd album, receiving lots of response, love and care.  We’re now enjoying having our promotions. We will also have lots of appearance near future. Do support us!

K.Will: Lastly, let’s listen to SHINee’s Lucifer! Time to say goodbye!

The Other guy: Today, Band 55 has also put in effort! Let’s see each other next time!

SHINee: Thank you.

*SHINee sing to Lucifer*

[Translations may be inaccurate]

Credit: staceyyy1004 @ YT / SHINee baidu bar

Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee 1st Admin

I do know more about SHINee now ^^

-Posted by: 1st Admin-


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