More Daum interview with SHINee

18 Aug

Question: Oppas, your styles changed… who had the hardest time adjusting to the new style?
1. JH: Member who was most awkward with new hairstyle after seeing himself in the mirror?
2. ON: Key came back to the dorm with very unique hair cut… When I saw him, I went wow, what is this?
3. Key: It’s not very surprising now after seeing it so much.
4. ON: Key is a type who likes to often change his style drastically… I think my hair was more awkward. It was the first time I had a 5:5 part (center part)… (laugh)
5. JH: When Taemin came back to the dorm with his new hair, it was so long, “Huh! Are we going with this hair?” It was so long. I thought he was a woman. He is pretty… Hair was even swinging in the back… It was beautiful. (kind of laugh!)
6. MH: True, true, I was very surprised, really.
(left out some part).

Question: Any unique habit or jinx?
1. JH: I don’t have any jinx.
2. ON: None. I don’t have a set habit. I just have a unique speech or _______? I heard from the members.
3. JH: At first you think, “what is this person? “ But after listening to it for awhile, the situation is funny. Taemin, he often talks to himself. Also, although he is from Seoul, he talks with accents (satoori).
4. TM: I find accents (satoori) interesting (fun)… hehehe

Question: Who is the funniest member? (one with the most “gag” sense?)
1. All: Onew and Jonghyun.
2. MH: Together, they are a mighty force.
3. TM: It’s like watching a gag program.
4. JH: Unfortunately, it’s a minor gag. It doesn’t work on broadcast or public…
5. ON: Once I told a joke. Members heard it for so long, they understand pretty fast. However, there was a reporter there who was not used to my gag. While all members were laughing, the reporter got it later. Then he/she went, “Ah!”
6. TM: For instance, when Onew hyung does a gag at the practice room, for trainees, they get it at home when they are about to sleep. Then they laugh like crazy.

Question: Then who is the least funny member? (one with the least funny joke)
7. All: Taemin (hahaha!)
8. JH: It’s really not funny. Really.
9. ON: Taemin is funny and cute when he is just himself. If he forces it, it doesn’t work.
10. MH: If he tries to be funny, it is really not funny.
11. Key: (skipped cuz I don’t know what he means).
12. MH: Taemin is funny with what he says naturally. Actually, when Eunhyuk was a trainee, he was really quiet and not funny. But now… we were shooting a variety program together recently and he was so good. I think Taemin might become like that later… I have high hopes 

Question: I have ____ complex?
1. JH: For me, hands. My fingers are short.
2. TM: Me too.
3. ON: All members have a hand complex (all were quiet that burst out laughing!!!)
4. Key: It is a team trait.
5. JH: For Onew hyung, me and Taemin, we think about the hand position or how the hand looks like when we pose. If you look at fingers this way, the lengths of all fingers, except the thumb, are about the same. So we are careful about how it looks like so it will look nice on the broadcast.
6. TM: Last time, one of the dance moves require stretching your hand. Suddenly, a camera just zoomed on me! I went, “No!!! my hand!” (laugh)
7. JH: Ah, really hand is too small. The other two (Minho and Key) have large hands.
8. MH: My hand is long.
9. ON: My hand is short and thick. Tofu hand, or it’s like a steak.
10. MH: Onew hyung’s hand looks like Onew hyung (laugh).

Question: What was the happiest and saddest moment?
1. MH: It seems that for Jonghyun hyung, both happiness and sadness come together.
2. ON: It is very confusing.
3. MH: He cries when he is so touched and happy. At first, I think he is crying because he is happy, but when he cries, he cries for 30 to 40 minutes… he starts to sob really bad like he is sad. Then you wonder, is this out of sadness or happiness, can’t figure it out.
4. JH: During “Juliet” period, I did cry like that. But once you start to cry, I start to think of other things and continue to cry. Really, both happy and sad moments come together. As I was crying, I thought about how Onew hurt himself, so I went, “Onew hyung!!” And cried more…
5. ON: Also thinks about sad movies, mom,
6. JH: Thinking about wanting to raise a puppy… But the happiest moment was when we won 1st place for Juliet.
7. MH: Because he was crying so hard, we took turns hugging him. Then he cried more, so staff took turns to hug him. Then he cried more so finally the manager hyung told him to “stop crying!” (hehehe!!!)
8. ON: Then we went to eat and he cried again.
9. JH: I really cried a lot. I think I’m done with crying. Tears don’t come anymore.

Question: If you have a girlfriend, what would you like to do?
1. JH: Lotte world, amusement park… I will probably will have to wear a mask although it will be obvious. Hehehe, but if you ride on a rollercoaster, don’t you have to take off the mask? Then do I have to just go on the merry-go-round?
2. ON: For me… I want run around on the beach. You know “catch me” game? I want to go on a yacht with a date. I was on a yacht when I was in Hong Kong but became so nauseous… We were all on it together. For the first 15 minutes, we were going “yahoo!” Then later our faces were turning yellow. My dream was to compose music and be inspired on the yacht… but I don’t think it will happen now. (laughs)
3. TM: For me, the lock in Namsan (I’m not exactly sure what he means.)
4. JH, ON: Taemin ah, they don’t have it anymore.
5. Questioner: I think they have it at the 63 building.
6. ON: Taemin ah, then you have to go to the 63 building.
7. MH: it’s not a big thing but I want to go see a movie together. I want to go to the drive through movie.
8. JH: Then you have to buy the car first. Just watch the DMV in the car. (all laugh).
9. Key: I want to travel. I want everything to be comfortable and leisurely.

Credit: Daum, Shakizi

Translation Credit: ny111

Lol! Their answers are so funny!

I want to hang out with SHINee! They’re fun people to be with!

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9 Responses to “More Daum interview with SHINee”

  1. jjong August 18, 2010 at 10:17 pm #

    “3. TM: For me, the lock in Namsan (I’m not exactly sure what he means.)”

    i know what he means..we can bring couple lock to the top 63 building with our couple and lock them on there..we can write our wish and hang it on there Nichkhun and Victoria did for their 1st meeting for WGM 😀

  2. aqw_desi August 18, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    hahaha… they are so funny??
    is this streaming or like radio??

  3. almightypinka August 18, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    ahhh it makes me love Key more and more….

  4. SHINee Shining like STAR August 18, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    Key so quite here[?]

  5. iloveKeyoppa August 18, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

    i think so they’re funny to be with.more laughs if i am with them.i’m a playful girl.^^
    Key oppa i love to travel too.we’re the same.><

  6. jia194 August 19, 2010 at 6:38 am #

    ahhahaha love you guys shinee,ahahha so funny

  7. haniponycanyon August 19, 2010 at 10:38 am #

    really.. onew and jonghyun are funny.. ^^

    yeah.. key is so quiet here..

    hiiahhh… this makes me love SHINee more !! >o<

  8. Bali Desa August 20, 2010 at 10:38 am #

    very nice…. 😀

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