Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2010

19 Aug

News about the annual Incheon Korean Festival has been posted on the internet for everyone’s information.

It was noted that the festival will be held at the city’s Munhak Sports Complex and will be broadcasted by MBC. Appearances by various KPop artists are also being anticipated for the event. BoA, Se7en, Super Junior, 2PM, Tae Yang, Girl’s Generation, SG Wanna Be, Kara,SHINee, U-Kiss, CN Blue, MBLAQ, Beast, Son Dam Bi, Supernova, & After School will be joining the show.
And as for its guide:

With new programs like Korean Music Wave and Korean Star Wave, Incheon Korean Wave Festival, in its second year, is now marked as Asia’s top K-Pop music festival.

Already highly anticipated because of the soon-to-be performances by the country’s best artists, Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 will air as a special episode for MBC Show! Music Core! and will captivate the eyes and ears of the 50,000 audience, with its huge stage, over 80 meters and spectacular sound system.

The tickets for this event will be sold through Gmarket (domestic) and Annex (international).
Furthermore, with the long-term slogan “Korean Wave Music Contents,” we will provide more unique, groundbreaking attraction, advancing cosmopolitan city Incheon the “hub city of Asian music.” We ask you further interests and support.

SOURCE: Incheon Korean Wave Festival
Credit: dkpopnews

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