More fancams

19 Aug

[FANCAM] ONTAEM – @ 20th Anniversary festival
cr ; WRS @YT

[fancam] 100817 SHINee taemin introduces himself @ TMV
[fancam] 100731 SHINee leaves & onew jumps from stage @ Open concert

(that reminds me of a fancam where he was hit by a cord LOL)
cr ; gyapower08 @YT

100818 SHINee interview greeting Thai Chinese Japanese
100818 Key before stage sbs tomorrow concert
100818 Lucifer SHINee @SBS Tomorrow Concert
100818 RingDingDong – SHINee@SBS Tomorrow concert


[FC]100818-Taemin solo cut
( He’s singing for you Ellan ♥ Aigoo look at Onew‘s face! *-* I want a full fancam of this T_T)
cr ; keikeifish @YT

100815 Taemin @ Hansan Festival – Lucifer
100817 Taemin @ The M Wave

cr ; HeroineeTaemin @YT

Video Compilation: Rositaz


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