SHINee @ Invincible Youth Talk & Live in Japan (Interview)

20 Aug
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Q: What left the most impression when you appeared as guest?

Onew: Though the time was short, but it was very enjoyable. There were so much memories from it. After a few more years, I’ll like to go to the farm and help out with the farm work. (Surprised look from the interviewer) Ah, It is not that i really want to go and do it, I just want to see whether am i able to stay at the farm for awhile.
Minho: It is good that I am able to see G7’s new attitude. Up till now, I have not experienced doing any farm work, it is very fresh. Because not anyone can have this experience, it feels good.

Q: From the member’s point of view, which scene left the most impression to you and which scene is the most interesting?

Jonghyun: Seeing the same generation as me living happily in the farm makes me feel warm.

Q: If you were to be like G7 who lives with a ‘provide for yourself’ life at the farm, what kind of work would you like to do?

Onew: I’ll like to try all kinds of farm work. Working at the old home when young, so as to gain some similar experience. Those kind of experience will still stay in the mind even after a long time, so if there is a chance, going to the farm to gain some experience is not a bad idea. After being asked all these questions, I really want to go and play there.
I’m sorry. (when asked about how the other members feel, he said) I seem to be like the only one who is interested in such stuffs.

Q: Onew and Minho has already been on Invincible Youth, if the whole group participated in the show together, who would be the most hardworking & who would be the most laziest member?

Minho: It will have to be Onew for the most hardworking. He has said to want to try and do farm work, thus, the most hardworking. On the other hand, the most laziest would have to be Jonghyun. He doesn’t even help to clean up during normal days, how can he be able to help with the farm work?
Jonghyun: Yes, hardworking (laughs)
Key: What Minho said is correct. It is good that my name was not mention for the ‘most laziest member.’ If there are chances to go on Invincible Youth, no matter what, I would want the whole team to go together.
Taemin: If there are chances to participate in the show, I’ll like to work hard and try. However, I am the kind who always make mistakes, therefore I think that I am not good in farm work.
Onew: Because every one is from the city.. I’m sorry (Laughs)

Q: Please talk about how you felt about attending this event and some words for your Japanese fans.

Onew: We’re really blessed to have receive so much love and support for the past few times we have been to Japan. The event this time round made us reflect a lot. And we are also anticipating to gain different kinds of experience. This is the first time we are standing on the stage in Japan after ‘Lucifer’ was released. We just want to enjoy the stage today and hope for our fans support.

Chinese translation: 钟翎 @ Baidu
Eng translation: jachohjac @ Soompi

awww, SHINee, saranghae!
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