Onew’s UFO Replies 100811

21 Aug
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To SHINee (My life lottery Jinki)
[Onew] Can I ask what you’re thinking??ㅜit’s difficult right?? the way asking for individual replies makes my hand shake now ㅜㅜ
From Onew
[Onew] It’s really late ~ Don’t shake your hand and go to sleep quickly~~

To SHINee (Star Jjong♥)
[Onew] Hmph..waiting for Jinki, I’ll wait a hundred, a thousand years ㅠㅠbut I’m missing you~hehe what are you doing now?
From Onew
[Onew] No, just wait a few days~

To SHINee (SeeingSHINee)
[Onew] Jinki~ What are you doing now not sleeping T_T I was surprised so my heart was going to throb faster ㅠㅠ keke
From Onew
[Onew] Sleep to keep your heart from throbbing faster~

To SHINee (Lee Jinkku)
[Onew] Oppa!! Can’t you whisper in my ear and give only a! little! hint to only me about this concept~~~
From Onew
[Onew] Just along the lines of “SHINee” gave it all away

To SHINee (Difficult Woman)
[Onew] Jinki keke do you want to eat?
Is not something like “noona will buy you” keke
Can you buy me keke yep keke call me~ keke
will you go keke
From Onew
[Onew] Nope.. that’s okay..
go to sleep quickly~~you must be tired~

source: UFO Town/find source: Naver/credit: weareshining (WRS)/translation: Joodit@WRS


One Response to “Onew’s UFO Replies 100811”

  1. Laurencia NIcole August 21, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    ah!! onew!! youre so kind! like you even more! haha :D…

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