23 Aug

100821 – BoA Feat. Key – I did it for love at SM Town Concert
source: KEYTIME
100821 – Key performing Up & Down at SM Concert
100821 – Cute/Dorky Key dancing at SM Town Concert
^ he is dancing with hyoyeon LOL
source: Sweet Key
100821 – Taemin playing the piano at SM Town concert
source: cherish
[HD] 100821 – Taemin Dance Battle at SM Concert
source: AWESOME
100821 – SHINee [Minho Focused] singing Quasimodo at SM Concert
100821 – Minho Performing A-YO at SM Town Concert
^ when does meanho become like this! he is so YG haha XDD
source: Beautiful Days
100821 – [MinKey focused] performing A-YO at SM Town Concert
source: shanel

100821 Shindong Minho Key rapping
100821 Minho – Get down
100821 Onew sitting on the stage cute

credit: HeroineeTaemin @ YT
[FANCAM]SHINee- Lucifer (on screen)@SM concert
[FANCAM] OnKey talking on screen @SM concert

(BoA after Key ♥)
[FANCAM]Onew – The name I loved (on screen)@SM concert
[FANCAM]Onew at rehearsal @Inkigayo
[FANCAM] Key – I did it for love@SM concert
[FANCAM]SHINee going by cars @SM concert
[FANCAM]Jonghyun -Quaismodo @SM concert
[FANCAM]Onho waving hands to fans @SM concert


[FANCAM]Onew blowing a kiss@SM concert
(a big zoom *-* Onew♥ )
[FANCAM]Key- Stand by me @SM concert
(sexy back!!)
[FANCAM]Jjong’s cute dance @SM concert
[FANCAM]Sexy key @SM concert
[FANCAM]Onew – Mirotic @SM concert
[FANCAM]SHINee – Quasimodo (on screen) @SM concert
[FANCAM]Onew-Stand by me &Replay&Get down@SM concert
[FANCAM] Dubu fixing his clothes (&being a bad boy xD)@SM concert
[FANCAM]Jjong-Lucifer @SM concert
[FANCAM]Minho’s “Mission impossible”@SM concert

(poor BoA TT)
[FANCAM]Minho rapping for chu! @SM concert
(I was waiting for THIS!!!!)
[FANCAM]Professional cameraman Jjong@SM concert
cr;xxxTouchTheSHINexxx@YT (Thanks for your vids TuTi♥)

Credit: video owners

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