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SHINee’s me2day updates [With Translation]

8 Aug


[종현]전 “불안한 소용돌이 그안에서 태어나”라는 가사가좋더라구요ㅋ 아자아자비너스보아누나파이팅!^^[태민]보아선배님~ 멋진포스보여주세요![민호]오년만에 돌아온 우리보아누나~! 너무멋있어요~허리케인비너스대박~[Key]여신이되어돌아오신 우리보아누님!^^ 많이사랑해주세여!

[Jonghyun] I like the line “From the restless whirlpool I am born” from the lyrics keke Go go Venus BoA noona fighting!^^
[Taemin] BoA sunbae~ Show us a cool pose!
[Minho] Our BoA noona has returned after 5 years~! She’s so cool~Hurricane Venus is the best~
[Key]  The returned goddess our BoA noona-sunbae!^^ Please give her a lot of love!

source me2day shinee
findsource shakizi
credit weareshining
translation Joodit@WRS

Aww, lovely SM Family! 😀


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[민호] 보아누나도 우리들과 함께~ 묶인채~ ㅋ 온유형은…자랑스럽게…쇼!음악중심 첫MC 하러…!!!!!
[Minho] BoA noona too with us~ Mookimchae (chained)~ Onew hyung… proudly… went to do his first MC-ing for Show! Music Core…!!!

Credit: shinee me2day


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JONGHYUN me2day Update 100719 [With Translation]

19 Jul

[종 현] 이번 미투데이도 이유없이 올리는 거니까 확대 해석 ㄴ ㄴ

[Jonghyun] Since I posted today’s Me2Day for no reason is it up for interpretation, no no

source me2day shinee
credit weareshining (WRS)
translated Joodit@WRS

i still don’t get him, lol!

cute boy.

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JONGHYUN me2day Update 100719

19 Jul

[종 현] 이번 미투데이도 이유없이 올리는 거니까 확대 해석 ㄴ ㄴ

Credit: me2day shinee

Translation will be up soon!

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[With Rough Translation] JONGHYUN me2day Update 100707

7 Jul

Translation In English:

[Jong Hyun] This is urgent. The mountain district for 2 hours didn’t happen. Didn’t wear outside. If I had a case to send. Kibum gave us this gift suddenly and ‘without reason’, so it was awkward. The children will evacuate.ㅋ – Old country cosplay.

Image Credit: me2day, DC
Translation Credit:@AA_CHAN

Full Translation will be up soon!

Stay tune!

All i have in mind now is SHINee’s COMEBACK QUICK X_x

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ONEW me2day Update 100702

2 Jul

여러분에게 달려가는 샤이니의 발들~ (연습중이구요 …) 밥 잘 챙겨드시구 조금만 기다리시라구요^^ 이제 저는 오늘도 <야행성>으로~

Can you see our feet running toward you guys?~(We’re practicing…) Don’t skip your meals and please wait a little bit more^^ Now I’m on my way to shoot another episode of “Night Stars Show”~

source me2day Onew
findsource shakizi
credit weareshining

Translation Credit: onew_day@me2day

SHINee Hwaiting!

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ONEW’s Me2Day Update 100626

26 Jun

[온유] 우리 함께 응원할까요? 대한민국 파이팅~^^
how about cheering together? korea hwaiting

Source: SHINee Me2day
Translation by: bocah 김 cih
Credit: weareshining

Onew look so good!! He’s dressed up in red to cheer for Korea!

Onew Hwaiting!

SHINee Hwaiting!

Korea Hwaiting!

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Key updates his Me2Day!

19 Jun

[Key] 축구 보세요!! 아자아자화이팅!!

Source:  SHINee Me2Day Translation: Look at football! Hip, hip, Fighting!
Rephrased by Forever_SHINee: Do watch Football! Go Go Fighting!

Looks like even our shining Key is supporting South Korea for World Cup! Awesome. I think Minho is watching World Cup right now.

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